Providing Reliable Rebar Fabrication and Shipping Services

Established in 1970, Daniel Steel Industries, Inc. has a reputation for honesty, accuracy, and exceptional customer service.  Our level of dedication matches our level of experience and that is exactly what clients have come to know and expect.  Whether working on a new commercial construction project, residential, or a utility foundation, we pride ourselves on doing the job right.
 DSI operates on a "whatever it takes" philosophy. Our focus is always on customer service and consequently most employees wear several hats.  In our world, titles do not necessarily reflect what an individual actually does - because most of us can do some of everything that it takes to make our business successful.  Our staff includes full time on-site detailers, estimators, sales, production, scheduling and support personnel.  We operate our own delivery fleet. Our fabrication shop is state of the art, with the latest equipment and technology.

Rebar Man

"A rebar man is someone special.  It's in his blood.  It can't be bought, you must earn it.  Only a few make it.  He can be a detailer, estimator, salesman, administrator, shop foreman, shearline operator, benderman, or "Joe" in the shop. But he must have the utmost dedication and love for his job. Only a few make it."    

                                                                                  Jerry Daniel